The Village Board of Trustees meets on the third Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noticed.  Notices will be posted at the Village Hall and published in the Canandaigua Daily Messenger.

Board Members

Brian Schenk, Mayor, 4/1/16 to present

Mona Sage Cardinale, Trustee, 8/1/16 to present

Sarge Frappier, Trustee, 7/1/13 to present

Shirley Piccarreto, Trustee, 4/1/16 to present
Thomas Schwartz, Trustee, 4/1/16 to present

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The Mayor and Trustees are the elected officials of the Village of Naples. Each position has a term of 2 years. Elections are held each year on the third Tuesday of March. Positions alternate Mayor and two Trustees one year and two Trustees the next year. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, a US Citizen and village resident. An Independent Nominating Petition containing at least 50 signatures of residents registered to vote in the village must be submitted early in February in order to be on the ballot, see Village Clerk for exact dates and requirements. Village Board of Trustee meetings take place the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Village Annex.

The Mayor’s Duties Include, but aren't limited to:

  • Serves as Chief Executive Officer of the village
  • Presides at the meetings of the Board of Trustees
  • May vote and, in the case of a tie, must vote
  • Appoints all non-elected officers and employees, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees
  • Appoints a Deputy Mayor, not subject to approval by the Board of Trustees
  • Supervise officers of the village
  • At the direction of the Board, intervenes in any and all actions if necessary to protect the rights of the municipality and residents.
  • Execute all contracts on behalf of the village and investigate all contract claims made against the village.
  • Signs checks and orders to pay claims when authorized by the Board of Trustees
  • Has authorization to perform marriages
  • Serves as Budget Officer
  • Has authorization to declare a local state of emergency


Trustees’ Duties Include, but aren't limited to:

  • Attend Board meetings, hearings and workshops and vote on all matters and questions before the Board
  • Oversee and vote upon disbursement of village funds
  • Oversee and vote upon public works issues in the best interest of the village, review/vote upon all bids for associated work
  • Review monthly reports from Department Heads
  • Work with planning, zoning, DPW and public health officials in the best interest of the village and its citizens
  • Accept committee assignment for overseeing departments